The Vee-Gate by Beavercone


Introducing the innovative Vee-Gate – a masterstroke in engineering designed specifically for arch-type, box, and all varieties of culverts. Its standout feature? The precision-engineered bevel cut, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled protection for bevel cut culverts. The magic of the Vee-Gate lies in its adaptability and ease of assembly. Each unit arrives ready to be pieced together right at your jobsite, using sturdy pins that ensure a snug and secure fit. This flexibility allows the Vee-Gate to accommodate a diverse range of culvert sizes with effortless precision.

But that’s not all. The bevel cut Vee-Gate isn’t just a gate; it’s a symphony of design and functionality. Shaped like a ‘V’, it seamlessly integrates with bevel type culverts, creating a harmonious union of form and function. The cleaning process? It’s a breeze! With a simple backhoe operation on either side, maintaining the Vee-Gate is as easy as it gets, ensuring long-term, hassle-free performance.

And for those pesky beavers? Worry not! Our Beavercone line of products, including the Vee-Gate, stands as an impregnable fortress. No beaver stands a chance against our unmatched craftsmanship and innovative design. Choose Vee-Gate for a solution that blends strength, versatility, and ease, ensuring your water management needs are met with the utmost efficiency and reliability. Trust Vee-Gate, trust quality.

Your Beavercone Can Be Made
To Fit Any Size Culvert



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