The Beavercone New Patented Product

A beaver starts plugging a culvert when the water is down to 2 or 3 inches. They always work with the flow of water and use the flow of water to help move the material and shove everything in front of them. The streamaster is designed so that the 2 or 3 inches of water is below the transverse bars so the beaver, with its short legs, cannot walk on the transverse cross bars to shove the blockage material in front of them.

There is a 5-inch clearance below the transverse bars, which allows fish and turtles to pass through. A beaver cannot work with high fast water but the streamaster allows the passage of larger fish for spawning in high water. The streamaster is equipped to take a six-inch perforated pipe through the center and about one foot into the culvert and the rest out over the water, holes down. This is very helpful to stop eager beavers.

-The streamaster is designed to take heavy snow and ice loads such as in the Rocky Mountain terrain.
-Like the beavercone, it lifts for cleaning.
-Installation time is about one-half hour
-Comes in 6’ and 7’6” lengths
-Sizes from 500 mm to 1200 mm

Your Beavercone Can Be Made
To Fit Any Size Culvert



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