An Introduction

How Beavercone got it’s Start!

I was a tourist operator in northern Ontario and business relied on the use of old logging roads. As beaver prices fell and the beaver protected by MNR, other than trapping which resulted in very little control as many trappers were not interested in taking beaver due to low prices, a lot of expense and hard work. The beaver now became a real problem by plugging just about every culvert with running water.

After Several Years of Trial

I started to experiment with different devices. Being a blacksmith in my younger days was a great help. I finally hit on the idea of a cone which was round and compatible with culverts and easy to install and also allowed the spawning of fish. I kept changing the cones as to length and finally, about 10 years ago, I got it right! After several years of trial, I decided to patent the cone and put it on the market. The cones worked well in protecting culverts but the market was skeptical.

Finally MTO decided to try one on Highway 11, east of Atikokan and it has saved them thousands of dollars. A 6 foot culvert over 70 feet long drained a lake and each time the beavers plugged the culvert it threatened highway 11 with a washout. This was the end of their problem and the beavercone was on the way. Our manufacturing facility in Welland is well equipped and is certified with the C.W.B. to ensure high quality products.

Your Beavercone Can Be Made
To Fit Any Size Culvert



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