Installation Instructions

  • In front of the culvert where the cone goes, first excavate a hole a little wider than the culvert and one to two feet deep providing there is no bedrock. This gives the beaver a problem as he has to fill this hole before he can start anything.
  • Now mount the beavercone over the end of the culvert and fasten the two chains to the culvert with the enclosed bolts. You will have to drill holes in the culvert for the chains. The beavercone hangs off of the end of the culvert.

One length of 6 inch perforated pipe should be inserted through the nose of the cone one foot into the culvert and held in place with a piece of 2 x 4 pushed through the cone near the culvert over the perforated pipe to leave it level in the water.

  • Next, insert a cable into the lift lug at the small end of the cone, then bring the cable up to the grass line, clamp the cable together with cable clamps and now by using a piece of 2” x 2” peg the cable at the grass line and paint the top of the peg fluorescent orange.
  • This becomes your culvert locator peg and it is needed to find the cone if it gets plugged and the water rises.

Your Beavercone Can Be Made
To Fit Any Size Culvert



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