Cleaning Instructions

For Smaller Cones

  • Pick up two lengths of 6” perforated ridged drain pipe, put one end in the nose cone and shove it in about a foot or two past the end of the culvert, holes down.
  • Now cement another length onto the one in the cone and support it with an X-brace out in the water or you can use a 20 ft. length of 6” perforated steel culvert.
  • Now go back to the cone and take a piece of 2” x 4” and slide it through the cone rods over-top the perforated pipe, this helps keep the pipe level with the water line.
  • Wire the perforated pipe into place, do not go through the holes in the perforated pipe as this could create an obstruction. Also, do not put the pin back in the end of the cone.

For Bigger Cones

  • Find the locator peg and this will tell you where the culvert and cone are as it is hard to see under dirty water.
  • Clean the cone on each side very carefully and clean the top off. Now, hook onto the cable and lift gently.
  • After the water run- off, finish the clean up and lower the cone.

Your Beavercone Can Be Made
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