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Problems Caused

One Solution

  • Beavers cause millions of dollars in damage each year.
  • As fur prices drop, beaver have become a real problem. The dying vegetation in the flood zone creates mercury and the worst polluted water anywhere and with many cases of beaver fever.
  • Country roads, logging roads, highways, railroads and any stream crossing with a culvert is easily plugged by beaver.
  • Within two days, there are severe problems of washouts.
  • With the beavercone properly installed, it is virtually impossible for a beaver to plug the inside of a culvert.
  • We have experimented with the beavercone for the past 8 years and would never again install a culvert without one. Also, we have never had a problem with spring ice up.
  • Your beavercone can be made to fit any size culvert (steel or concrete)
  • Installation is easy, taking only approx 1/2 hour!
  • When installing the cone, excavate a hole about 6 to 8 feet in diameter and 3 to 4 feet deep at the culvert entrance.
  • Drill two 3/8 holes in the culvert edge about 1 foot apart and bolt 1/8 chain joining the culvert and the beavercone.
  • This also works as a hinge to raise the cone for cleaning.
  • For larger fish access holes can be enlarged.Please ask for this extra fish access when placing your order.



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