Stops Beavers from Plugging your Culvert

Designed to promote the free flow of water and the passage of fish.
  • No More Beaver Problems!
  • Installed properly it is almost impossible for a beaver to plug this device, no ice ups.
  • If a cone ever gets damaged it is easily repaired on site.
  • Cut out damaged bars and weld in new.
  • If a road is shut down it only takes 15 minutes to remove the cone.
  • The cones stack together, cones lift for cleaning.
  • There is no other culvert device on the market that can make these claims.
  • On smaller sizes, we recommend a perforated inner liner pipe as shown under product pictures.


Excavate a small hole in front of the culvert.
One length of perforated steel or hard plastic pipe (holes down) inserted through the cone and about one foot into the culvert to hold the 6” pipe level with the water, push a piece of 2 x 4 wood through the cone bars at the culvert over the 6” pipe.

In remote areas we recommend this on all cones and put in a larger perforated pipe to fit the cone.


Canadian Patent # 2 518 572

U.S. Patent # US 7,441,989 B2

The Beavercone becomes a life preserver if someone (especially a child) falls into fast moving water.

CONE IT FIRST!It is better to have and not need than to need and not have

No More Beaver Problems

Easy Clean Out

30 Minute Installation

No Stream Damage

Built on Demand

Early Orders

Fish Access Like Before

Your Beavercone Can Be Made
To Fit Any Size Culvert



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